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Company Profile 

     Our company is long-period engaged in import-export business, and licensed by the Shanghai Foreign Economic and Trade Commission, which is vested with independent import and export operation rights of the limited liability company, a set of import and export trade and import, export agency services to provide an integrated enterprise. For the years the company’s main business covers the export of NC machine tools and parts, hardware tools, daily commodities and other sectors of different products; imports include works with a network cable, fiber optic cabling systems, architectural hardware products with the door handle and lock cylinder, access control security systems, glass and many different products.


       Not only do we provide income from the external exchange payment, bookings, import and export customs clearance, delivery and other one-stop import and export agency business, also is based on customer requests for a variety of document agency business, including agent identification of 3C catalog, or exempt foreign 3C shows that imports of mechanical and electrical license agent, agent CIQ certificate, consular agent certification national commercial paper, commercial proved that the general agent, or the GSP certificate of origin and other business documents.


    Through the business advantage, and mature market channels, with many quality manufacturers to cooperate, our website platform to promote and sell a variety of products such as ceramic dinnerware, tea ceramics , electric kettle, coffee pot,  clean appliances, daily necessities and other commodities, etc.


      Our factories are mainly concentrated in China's eastern, southern, inland, coastal and other places, convenient, concentrated port, customs clearance efficiency; and foreign long-term cooperation of businessmen from different countries and regions, the main customers are from Asia ( Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Southeast Asia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia), Europe, America, Brazil and the United States and other countries and regions.


      We closely follow the trend, holding "the good faith management, customer first, pioneers of" business philosophy and principles of efficient services to attract more business and attention, winning the trust and support of our customers, so that our strength has been continuously enhanced, expanded scope of business, let’s peer in the survival of the fittest competition foothold, and economic development in Shanghai!


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Last Modified : 2022 - 05 - 19
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