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Logistics Services 

        Yi Mu International Logistics Department is mainly engaged in the search for high-quality international logistics services department, and providing international shipping, air freight, inland transport and other logistics services. Sea and air import and export agency business including: booking, customs clearance, commodity inspection, insurance, storage, transit, inland transportation, container fight / divining and logistics consulting services.


Our business

Ocean sharp, LCL import and export of services: we can according to customer needs, providing customers with the best programs and reasonable freight carrier, no matter what kind of goods, the types and specifications, the contractor in Hong Kong and the world's major shipping ports in the port of destination Goods: booking, with cabin, customs clearance, shipping and receiving claims and other business services. Has South Korea , Japan , Europe, America , Southeast Asia , a number of advantages such as route. We have cooperation with a number of shipping companies to maintain good relations.


Door to door service: has its own fleet, on-time, in time for the arrangements for packing of goods.


Inside the packing service: to have their own customs supervision warehouse, while also providing affixed mark, playing care, fumigation and other related services.


Storage Service: Our warehouses 7 * 24-hour cargo and container storage, as well as the split containers, packing and export of goods fumigation services. We have solid concrete platform and complete facilities to facilitate the loading and unloading of the truck, and we ready to accept customers into the library to mention delivery.


Distribution Services: We meet the domestic and international customers demand for integrated logistics services, providing well-designed routes, and domestic and foreign container FCL, LCL, bulk cargo and bulk cargo safe and convenient to mention, delivery and trailer door to door service.


The company's Special Services

- Cargo Tracking Service: sending arrival notification to the shipper to avoid the goods has been unknown to the Hong Kong port of destination, not to mention the additional warehousing costs.


- Door to door on timeIn order to improve the quality of service, I Fleet Management Division to strengthen its efforts, if the team failed to arrive on schedule packed designated locations (except for force majeure), the corresponding costs will be deducted as a customer compensation.


We sincerely look forward to be your most reliable supply chain of a ring!


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