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Enterprise Advantage 

Service Advantages

First, the high-quality services:

To ensure that customers receive high-quality and personalized service, our have unique experience in foreign trade operators, for each business has always been carried out follow-up service 24 hours a day.


Second, at reasonable prices:

Company to offer customers a more cost-effective agent prices, we strive to close the internal organizational structure, legislative struggle to achieve optimal staffing to the most economical price to meet customer requirements.


Third, the full service:

After several years of continuous development of the company, and customs, commodity inspection, the SAFE, banks and other government agencies to establish good channels of communication, but also with the relevant supporting services such as shipping companies, customs brokers, logistics companies have established very good cooperation relations, in order to satisfy the customers in different business needs.


Fourth, the import and export business agent of the individual:

Our company not the designed full proxy service processes, while the different needs of customers, our company also provides import and export agent of individual business operations, such as inspection, export tax rebates, the receipt and payment and other services both inside and outside.


Fifth, the provision of advisory services:

Import and Export Company has its own operating system, due to nature of numerous aspects, but also focus on the characteristics of various types of professionals, thus, there is not enough on the smooth operation, as well as communication with various government agencies will not ring true situation. To this end, our company for the newly established enterprises in the business operation, according to different needs in the provision of advisory services.


Sixth, the value of domestic and foreign customers the advantages of:

We are understand Western business codes, an accurate grasp of Chinese and Western business and cultural backgrounds, and provide qualified procurement, supplier information platform to professional experience, economies of scale, efficient communication patterns and geographic advantages, providing excellent service!

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